Lunes, Hulyo 04, 2011

Prison Break

I’ve been addicted in the series Prison Break. The characters  follow me in my dreams. The series condensed me with this reality…not at all connected…but what to grumble for?

Breaking out from the past is nothing like visiting the place and exiting by the doors. 

It’s not that easy. There’s a need to plan. To fucking expose self to all the hellish details again. Not just once, but as many times possible until self can find the weak link to burrow holes through. Then make do with the agonizing crawl.

Once out, self do feel the sudden relief from all the binding stings.

Not for long though, because, past probably don’t want to be left behind. 

Self is again furious because in the plan, the ghosts will be sealed behind. Them, following through the hole and playing two-faced son-of-a-bitch is not at all a possibility. 

The very reason for beating such a sealed area, which is FREEDOM, is compromised.

Then, not able to let go of the idea of roaming around with restrictions, the planning again and the crawling, cycle repeating, until self realized that what have been the stimuli is just a word. Just a darn word.

At the end of it all, what will be found out?

Self doesn't want to be free at all.

Because the past, the agony and pain, the ghosts that weighed her down..

are exactly the things that gets her off.  

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